Saffron Powder

Saffron Powder Special price + analysis + sale offer

Saffron Powder is not a kind of saffron such as Negin or Pushal. It is a form of saffron, which producers make from grinding the saffron threads in the industrial scope. The final product color is slightly lighter than the thread itself. For example, if we produce saffron powder from Negin All Red, the final powder color is a little bit lighter than Negin itself. So. as a result the coloring strength is a little bit less.

the reason why saffron powder has high demand is that it is much easier for producers and customers to measure it accurately. Also, it is much easier to use in preparing a dish as it mixes up with the ingredients and spices perfectly. Since it dissolves easily into foods and dishes. There will not be any visible threads of saffron in your finished dish but it adds a wonderful flavor and taste to it.