Pistachio Akbari | Super Long type

Pistachio Akbari Super Long Special wholesale price + analysis + sale offer

Another name for Long Akbari Pistachio is Super Long Pistachio. This name is based on the shape of the pistachio. This type of Pistachio is the most expensive and the oldest pistachio type in Iran. The reason why this type is more expensive than others, its that this type is bigger than other pistachio types, even bigger than Jumbo Pistachio. The local demand for this pistachio is extremely high because of the form of this pistachio.

The color of the Pistachio shell is naturally light cream. However, the Akbari shell is darker than the other types and it is closer to cream. Also, it has natural brownish spots on the shell. As it is clear from its name, it is one of the long shape types of pistachios.