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All Red Saffron | Super Negin Saffron | Best Iranian Saffron : Negin Saffron is the most expensive type of Saffron because it has the highest quality compared to other types. When three stigma threads are attached together we call it Negin. Negin Saffron has a long thread, like Mancha (Pushal) and at the same time, it has even more coloring strength than Sargol. Negin is what people call the precious stone on the pieces of jewelry in Farsi.

Quality of saffron is based on 3 factors:

  1. Crocin is a chemical that is responsible for the color of Saffron. The higher the Crocin the higher the coloring strength of Saffron. Customers demand high Crocin level Saffron.
  2. Safranal is a constituent responsible for the aroma of Saffron. In other words, it is why saffron smells how it does.
  3. Picrocrocin is why saffron tastes a little bit bitter and it is responsible for the taste of Saffron.
All Red Negin Saffron 
1 Crocin (Coloring Strength) minimum 215-240
2 Safranal (flavor & smell) minimum 35
3 Picrocrocin (bitterness) minimum 80
4 Moisture under 7%