Zahedi Date

Zahedi Date Special wholesale price + analysis + sale offer

Zahedi Date | The Best Iranian Dry Date | Zahedi dates or  (Zahidi Date) are considered a dried date with moisture under 12%.

This Date is mostly grown in Southern Provinces of Iran, mostly in Posht-e Kuh, Hormozgan and Bushehr Province.

The weather in Southern provinces of Iran is mostly hot which makes it perfect for date palm trees.

The harvest time is in late September until mid-October.

Iran Dried Fruit Company is a  whole seller, manufacturer, and exporter of Dates, We can supply below grades of Zahedi:

  1. Yellow Gold
  2. Amber Orange

To Clarify Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Zahedi dates is 3-5 Ton based on the chosen transportation form.

Packing weight range we supply are as below:

  • 10 kg carton
  • 12.5 kg carton
  • we can arrange other packing types per customer`s request.


Zahedi can be loaded and shipped in 20. ft dry containers. For your information the loading capacity of containers:

  • 20 ft. Container: up to 17 Tons