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iran dried fruit iran dried fruit
iran dried fruit iran dried fruit

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What Are the Benefits of Pistachio Nuts?

What Are the Benefits of Pistachio Nuts? Pistachio is one of the most important nuts and there are many benefits of pistachio.  the potassium content of pistachio with this small size is similar to orange potassium and is very important … Readmore

Dried Dates Calories

Dried Dates Calories While water makes up the bulk of the fruit, about 70% of the weight is palm sugar and has a meaty texture. Dates are available in two types of dry and fresh dates. Dates are rich in … Readmore

How many Pistachios per Day you should eat?

Pistachios per Day, How many should you eat?  We all know that nuts and dried fruits have multiple benefits for your health. Among these, Pistachio is a tasty nut that grows on trees. so how many pistachios per day should … Readmore

5 Date Benefits for Hair

5 Date Benefits for Hair There are several date benefits for hair. in this post, we will review five of them, please note below: 1. Treats Hair Scalps and Beautifies the Hair Oil from the dates, if used in combination … Readmore

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