Description of Barberry:

Barberry is cultivated mostly  ……

Barberry Types

we export two types of barberry:

  1. barberry puffy
  2. barberry shiny red

The Uses of Barberry:

  • Food uses:


  • Medicinal Uses:


Barberry Garden and Factory:

Barberry Packing:

some pictures of different types of barberry packing

The History of Barberryt:



Botanical Information of the Barberry:

Nutritional Value of barbery:

Global trade Of Barberry:

The statistics of Iran barberry exports, according to the customer organization of Iran, are shown below. (values are in millions of dollars)

Note: Statistics are from March of each year.

According to FAO statistics (2004), Iran is the number one exporter of barberry in recent years and Iranian barberry is exported to many countries.

Some Articles About Barberry