Iran Dried Fruit Company is a Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Exporter of a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts. So, it is only natural to supply our products in different packing types. As we are wholesalers, we mostly supply in bulk quantities, so we offer our products in bulk packing weights. However, if a customer needs their order in their private retail design, we can arrange that. To deliver what customer needs, we need to negotiate the price and all the details. Most Customers need labels on the arriving cargo. So, we usually stick labels on the cartons, sacks or boxes. Usually net weight, production date, and expiry date. We can add any other information per customer`s request. Please note each type of product has different packaging for example how we pack Mazafati Date is completely different than how we supply Kabkab dates.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the arrangement of products.