Discription of Chickpea:

So what is chickpea (persian: nokhodchi)? It is a snack made from roasted chickpeas. it is mostly popular among the Middle Eastern people. People can season it with salt, hot spicesm sugar or other form of coating based on what they like.

We export chickpeas in two different categories:

Based on Roasting:

  1. Raw Chickpeas
  2. Roasted Chickpeas (we can add salt per customer request)
  3. Double Roasted Chickpeas (we can add salt per customer request)

based on size:

we can supply all above sorts in below sizes:

  1. AAA
  2. AA

How producers make Chickpeas:

There is a difference between general chickpeas (Persian: nokhod) and the chickpeas (Persian: nokhodchi) we supply and people use them as snacks. This kind that we supply is also called Leblebi in Turkish. Producers use different types of chickpeas to make this snack. They differ in terms of size, color, shape and harvesting time. Generally, small size, light color, round chickpeas are used to make these snacks.

There are various ways of processing to make these snacks. It usually includes cleaning and heating. Preparation steps of making chickpeas:

  1. cleaning and grading
  2. soaking
  3. tempering (preheating and resting)
  4. boiling
  5. resting
  6. roasting
  7. dehulling



Chickpea Factory: