We are member of:

We are member of Iran chamber commercemember of

Australia, Italy, Canada, England, Iran chamber

commerceindustry as well & active member of Iran pistachio association.


About Farzin group companies

Company Name: Farzin Rock Stone Co.

Trade name: Iran dried fruit.

Established: 1992 by Rahim Alijani

Ownership: Private

Total number of employee in head office: 16 members

Registered License: 414446 at Ministry of Commerce

Export , Import & Processing

Pistachio, saffron, raisin, dried fig, date, walnut, almond, dried apricot.


Beneficiary’s Bank: Export Development bank of Iran; Central Br; Code 1301

Swift Code: Edbiirthcen

In favor of: Farzin Rock Stone Trade Co

A/C or ID No: 010374136

Beneficiary: Farzin Rock Stone Trade Co.

Bank Sepah, North Alameh Tabatabaee Branch code 1798

Add: North Alames St., Saadat Abad Ave., Tehran, Iran.

A/C or ID No: 99011 (For USD)

Telephone: +9821- 22060131


Swift: sepbirthxxxx

Head Office:

Address: # 3, No.27, East. Sarv St. Ave., Kaj Square Saadat-Abad Ave , Tehran, Iran .

Post code: 1998653788

Telephone: (+9821) – 22365723 – 22365724

Fax: (+9821) – 22067030

E-Mail: info@irandriedfruit.com 

Web site: www.irandriedfruit.com

U.A.E office:

Horizon General Trading FZC

P.O.BOX: 10559 Ras Al Khaimah

E-Mail: dubai@irandriedfruit.com

Australia Sydney office:

Australia office : Mr. Martine

Address: Unit 5/745 the Horsley ,Dr. Smithfield NSW 2164 Sydney , Australia.

email : info@australiadriedfruit.com.au

website: www.australiadriedfruit.com.au


Indian associate: Mr. Iftekhar Abidi,

Address:203, Sukriya Kiran Building, KG Marag, New Delhi. 110001.