Harvesting and using saffron

Harvesting and using saffron Three stigmas are borne in the center of each purple, cup-shaped bloom. The best time to harvest the stigmas is mid-morning on a sunny day when the flowers have fully opened and are still fresh. Carefully pluck the stigmas from the flowers with your fingers, and then dry them in a warm place to preserve them for cooking. Store in a closed container. To use saffron,...

Cake - Saffron

Cake - Saffron Cornish saffron cake is made to celebrate Easter. Saffron corms were traded in exchange for tin, with seafaring Phoenicians. The saffron was bought and sold in Drachmas. Russians also make a saffron cake at Easter called Kulich. Where a little saffron and raisins, chopped nuts, and candied fruit are added to a normal pound cake mixture.
dried fruit and nuts price list

dried fruit and nuts price list

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date plantation diseases

Date Diseases and Pests

Date Diseases and Pests This post is aiming for a brief information about major diseases and pests of date, which are listed as below: Fungal Diseases of date palm Bayoud (Fusariose): Date Palms are susceptible to a disease called Bayoud disease which is caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum. This disease, which kills many of...

Food Value Fig

Food Value An analysis of the fresh fig shows it consists good amount of moisture and little protein, fat and carbohydrate. The dry fig has a high nutritive value. Its most important food element is sugar which forms 51 to 74 per cent of the whole fruit. It can be taken in various ways; either by itself or in combination with other foodstuffs enriches their food value. When taken with...
Pistachio Sex Life - story of pistachio life

pistachio flowers

pistachio flowers pistachio flower _ Pistachios fruit are dioeciously with male and female flowers on separate trees. [caption id="attachment_9748" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] pistachio flower[/caption] pistachio flower : Male and female trees must be present for fruit to set, or a branch from a male tree may be grafted on a female tree. The small, brownish green flowers are without petals and borne on maxillary racemes or panicles in early summer. Wind...
pistachio fruit

pistachio fruit

pistachio fruit The pistachio fruit  : the reddish, wrinkled fruits are borne in heavy clusters somewhat like grapes. Although known as a nut, the fruit of the pistachio is botanically a drupe, the edible portion of which is the seed. The oblong kernel is about 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch in diameter and protected by a thin, ivory-colored, bony shell Normally the shells split longitudinally along their sutures...
Pistachios Nutrition facts

Pistachios Nutrition

  ---!Pistachios Nutrition !---   Pistachios Nutrition  : Just 47 pistachios, a one-ounce serving, contain 13 grams of predominantly monounsaturated fat and no cholesterol. All nuts, including pistachios, contain some saturated fat but are considered low in saturated fat. Fats are a concentrated source of energy and play an important role in assisting the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, E, D, and K. [caption id="attachment_15085" align="aligncenter"...
Pistachios Nutrition facts

Storage pistachio

Storage pistachio Storage pistachio : If you want to store a large quantity of nuts, it's best to put them in heavy-duty freezer bags and freeze them. Frozen, they will keep for several months. For shorter storage you can refrigerate pistachios for up to 4 to 6 weeks. If pistachios stored over a long period lose their natural crispness, you can quickly revitalize them. Just place them on a baking sheet...