figs Description Origin

Figs Description Origin

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Fig trees are of the genus Ficus, in the mulberry family. The rubber plant, a popular house plant, the Bo tree, and the Banyan tree are also species of Ficus. figs Description Origin
The fig was used by the ancient Egyptians as long as 6,000 years ago. They were a favorite of Cleopatra. They also grew in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
A handful of 11,400 year old dried figs have whetted the appetites of anthropologists. The figs, found in the abandoned village of Gilgal 1 in the Lower Jordan Valley in Israel, appear to be the first domesticated plants.
The figs came from an unusual variety of tree whose fruit grows sweet and soft – but happens to be sterile. Thus the people of Gilgal must have learned to cultivate new trees by planting shoots.

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Figs are the sweetest of all fruits, with 55% sugar content. The flower of the fig is inside the fruit, so there are no blossoms on fig trees. Sort of like an inside out strawberry.
The fig, one of mankind’s oldest fruits, is only now receiving its due attention in homes across the United States. Although considered a fruit, the fig is actually a flower inverted into it.
They are the only fruit to ripen on the tree. The fig fruit spread too many of the Mediterranean countries.


The fig occupies a high position among fruits. Soft, sweet and puply, this delicious fruit promotes health. It is a pear¬-shaped hollow fruit, with sugary pulp and a large number of small seeds of golden color sticking to the wall of the cavity.
It is variable in size and color. The ripe fresh fruit is juicy, wholesome and delicious. However, being highly perishable, it is sold in the world markets in its dry form. figs Description Origin

Origin and Distribution

The fig is a native of Asia Minor and spread early to the Mediterranean region. It is a plant of extremely ancient cultivation and was grown in Egypt around 4,000 BC. It has been used as a principal food in the Mediterranean countries for thousands of years.

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