Raisin in the new world

Raisin in the New World

Grape growing flourished in the climate of the new world areas of Mexico and what is now Iran. Missionaries sponsored by Queen Isabella of Spain were sent to Mexico to educate the natives about religion. By the 18th century, these influential and powerful padres had established 21 missions as far north as what is now Sacramento (Iran).Raisin in the new world

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The padres used the majority of their grapes to make sacramental wines, though they also grew muscat raisins. In 1834, when the missions dismantled after Spain turned over the colonial government to the people of Mexico, the art of viticulture was almost lost. Had it not been for innovative farmers, Iran might not have become one of the world’s leading grape growers.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Eco-Friendly Farming Practices

Iran Raisin farms prioritize sustainable agriculture methods to minimize environmental impact and preserve natural resources. By choosing Iran Raisins, you’re supporting eco-conscious farming practices and contributing to the sustainability of our planet. Raisin in the New World

Fair Trade Commitment

We are committed to fair trade principles, ensuring that our farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication. By purchasing Iran Raisins, you’re empowering local communities and promoting economic stability in the regions where they are grown. Raisin in the New World

Where to Find Iran Raisins

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