Iranian blackberry is an aggregate fruit that is composed of many smaller fruits called drupes.

Which city or province grow: North of Iran.

Harvest Season: Summer.

Green raisins

B-berry plants The fruit is very dark purple with smooth, fragile skin. In the middle of the cluster is a greenish-white core that extends to almost the bottom of the berry. Blackberries can be easily confused with raspberries, but raspberries (including black raspberries) have a hollow center.

Blackberries are red and hard when they are immature and turn black and shiny when they ripen.

B-berry plant :

The blackberry plant has many long, arching or trailing stems (called canes). Fruit is produced on two year old canes. The plant can reach up to 1 meter tall.

The canes are a dull green color and often have thorns; however, there are thorn less varieties.

Blackberry leaves : The leaves are arranged alternately along the stem with each leaf consisting of 3 to 5 leaflets.

The compound leaves are heavily toothed on the edges, somewhat prickly, and bright green in color.

Blackberry and raspberry plants may be difficult to tell apart; however, berry leaves are light green in color on the underside, while raspberries have silvery undersides.

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