Filbert Fruit

Filbert Fruit

Filbert With Involucre: The Iranian Filbert nut is 4 CM long and enclosed in a papery covering referred to as an involucre. Filbert Fruit

Persian Walnut

Filbert Without Involucre: Iranian filberts, also called hazelnuts, are rounded and slightly pointed at one end. They are small, usually about 3 CM long, and resemble an acorn with its top removed. Filberts have a thin but strong shell that is shiny and golden brown with light vertical stripes.

Filbert nut Filbert Without Shell: The filbert nut has a thin, medium to dark brown papery covering that peels away to reveal the white flesh beneath.

Which City or Province Grow: North of Iran.

Harvest Season: Summer

Filbert in shell Filbert Shrub: Filberts grow on deciduous, multi-stemmed shrubs that are slightly wider than tall. The shrubs reach a height of 0.8 to 1.5 meters.

Filbert twingFilbert Twig: Filbert leaves are arranged alternately along the stem. Filbert Fruit

Filbert Leaves: The leaves of Filbert shrubs are dark green, simple, and 7.5 to 15 CM in length.

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