Fresh Strawberry

Fresh Strawberry

Strawberry: Iranian Strawberry fruits are aggregates made up of several small fruits, each with one seed called an achene. The flesh of the strawberry is actually an enlarged receptacle, non-reproductive material. fresh strawberry


Which City or Province Grow: Kordestan.

Harvest Season: Summer.

Strawberry plantStrawberry Plant: Strawberries grow close to the ground and spread by sending out runners. Berries are borne in clusters underneath the leaves.

Strawberry leavesStrawberry Leaves: Strawberry leaves have three parts and are light green with coarsely toothed margins.

Strawberry flower

Strawberry Flower: The strawberry flower is about an inch in diameter with five white petals and a yellow center.

After the strawberry flower is pollinated, it becomes the aggregate fruit.


Product name: Fragaria × ananassa


Planting site in Iran: Kurdistan, Golestan, Mazandaran, Gilan

How to choose and store:

Choose bright and red strawberries with a sweet smell. It should be ripped so you’d better avoid selecting extremely firm, green or white ones.

Put fresh strawberries in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. remember do not wash it prior to use. You can also freeze it for weeks.


Being the queen of fruits, strawberry is one of the most favor fruits which is a great source of vitamins. This nutrient fruit decreases the level of bad cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, potassium finding in it can decrease the level of high blood pressure.

thanks to having vitamin C to a great extent, can prevent cancer and increase the strength of the immune system. it is said that the amount of vitamin C found in 8 strawberries is twice as much as that of an orange.

Above all, fresh strawberry cures depression and help one to feel fresh. Having a glass of juice before sleep can release your tension.

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