Almond Possible Benefits for your Health

Almond Possible Benefits for your Health

Edgar Cayce, a man regarded as the father of American holistic medicine, also highly favored the almond. In his readings, Cayce often recommended that almonds be included in the diet.Claimed health benefits include improved complexion, improved movement of food through the colon and the prevention of cancer. Recent research associates inclusion of almonds in the diet with elevating the blood levels of Hells and of lowering the levels of Ladles.In many Asian cultures almonds are thought to help one’s memory, though there currently is no clinical study to reject or support this claim.


The word ‘almond’ comes from Old French allemande or allemande, Late Latin mandolin, derived through a form amygdule from the Greek amygdale, an almond. The al- for a- may be due to a confusion with the Arabic article al, the word having first dropped the a- as in the Italian form mandolin; the British pronunciation Armand and the modern Catalan lamella and modern French amended show the true form of the word.

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