which is better almond or pistachio ?

— ! Are Almonds or Pistachios Better For You? ! —


which is better almond or pistachio ? Every food ingredient is made up of compounds that have chemical and physical effects on the human body. These effects have sometimes beneficial and sometimes harmful properties. Nuts such as almonds and pistachios are among the foods that nutritionists recommend that should always be included in the weekly nutrition basket to consume the right amount of minerals and vitamins needed to properly consume organs.

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In this post, we compare the two almond and pistachio seeds together and discuss their properties and harms together and answer the question that ” Are almonds or pistachios better for you?”.



Pistachio is one of the popular nuts that has a warm and dry nature. Pistachio has many properties that can be strengthened sexual, gastric, anti-palpitation and anti-suffocation. People who have their kidneys shrunk due to the disease can use pistachios to solve their problems. Eating pistachios can help cure gallstones but is also useful for treating fatty liver.

which is better almond or pistachio ?
which is better almond or pistachio ?

People with gastrointestinal ulcers can also benefit from pistachio consumption. Eating pistachios is useful for many people, however, some people should not use it, for example, gout or kidney disease patients should avoid eating pistachios.

It is recommended that people with diabetes and gout should not take it. Traditional medicine experts believe that people with kidney failure should also draw a line around the pistachio until they get involved.



Almonds, with warmer, warmer nuts, are another delicious nut. Almonds can be used as a urinary tract opiate so those with kidney stones can get almonds.


which is better almond or pistachio ?
which is better almond or pistachio ?

Almonds help relieve gum, teeth and throat problems. Also, they help treat constipation. People with visual impairment can use almonds to improve their condition. Nervous people should consume almonds regularly in their diet because it helps to nourish them. To boost memorywhich is better almond or pistachio ? and nerves, 10 almonds can be poured into a mixer with a spoonful of honey and water and blended.

Almonds have other properties as well, for example, they are sexual enhancers and help to improve memory. Pregnant women who consume enough almonds will have calmer babies who are less restless and cry than other infants. Another property of almonds, its obesity is considered a good option for lean people.

Conversely, obese people should limit almond consumption and not overdo it because their obesity will be exacerbated by excessive consumption of almonds. People with gout are restricted from eating almonds and should not use almonds until they have consulted a specialist physician, as they may be difficult to consume.

Like many foods, almonds can also have harm to your health. Therefore, it is important to know before eating that it is too late to digest and that eating too much can make you feel heavy in the stomach and is not particularly suitable for people with weak stomachs.

The following table compares the nutrients in almonds and pistachios. According to this table, the amount of magnesium and calcium and fiber contained in 100 grams of almonds are significantly higher than those in 100 grams of pistachio. It is also lower in sugar and fat in almonds. From one perspective, it can be concluded that almonds are more specific in fat and fitness and more effective in bone strength.

nutrients Protein Fat carbohydrate Fiber sugar Calcium Iron magnesium Phosphorus potassium Vitamin E
Almond 21.15g 49.93g 21.55g 12.5g 4.35g 269mg 3.71mg 270mg 481mg 733mg 25.63mg
Pistachio 20.16g 45.32g 27.17g 10.6g 7.66g 105mg 3.92mg 121mg 490mg


This article discusses the benefits and disadvantages of almonds and pistachios to help them stay aware of their effects, improve their health, and prevent some illnesses or disorders and know what diseases they treat. Please post below to order these two nutritious foods.

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