Why Are Pistachio Nuts So Expensive?

Why Are Pistachio Nuts So Expensive?


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Why Are Pistachio Nuts So Expensive : The question is Crop production faces a variety of risks, one of which is price risk. Managing this risk can help sustain the sustainability of production and food security in the country while generating more reliable income for farmers.

The main purpose of this article is to measure pistachio price risk and identify the factors affecting it. Also, answering this question “Pistachio Nuts are Expensive, what is the reason?”. please read below:

If we take into account many things like fertilizer, labor wages, water and so on, it turns out that the price of pistachio production is ultimately very high.

Pistachio is a small tree originating in the Middle East and Central Asia and grows in countries such as Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan. It produces a fruit that is edible and very delicious.

According to the findings, the risk of pistachio prices is mostly due to fluctuations in exchange rates and world prices.


Shrubs and orchards were damaged by the chill of trees, and crop production, such as pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, and the like fell sharply. This is one of the reasons why pistachio nuts are expensive.

Subsequent droughts (the biggest problem in pistachio production now) and lack of planning to supply the pistachio gardens with water are other reasons for the lack of production of these nuts and ultimately increase prices.

Between the years 2009 and 2014, Iran, the United States, Turkey, Syria, and the European Union were the world’s top five pistachio growers. Production of pistachio in the Islamic Republic of Iran in the year 2017 was equal to 574,987 tons. This figure puts Iran in the first place in the world. After Iran, the US is the second with 27,2291 tones and China the third with 95,294 tones.

There are two ways of exporting pistachios:

  • The first way is to export fresh pistachios. Exporters can send fresh pistachios to near distances, such as their neighbor countries. The reason is, fresh pistachios even kept in refrigerators last only for few days. So, it quickly expires due to hot air and lack of air ventilation. even inappropriate transportation can result in damaging fresh pistachios.
  • The second way is exporting dried pistachios. Exporters can ship the dried pistachio to far distances. For example, we can send it out all over the world, including further European countries. although we can send out pistachios all over the world, the cost of drying, packing and processing it is noticeably high. which is another reason why pistachio nuts are expensive.


The most important issue for any merchant is European standards. As well as obtaining a valid health and safety certification by international standards. The most difficult of which is the Aflatoxin certification pistachio. Aflatoxins are natural fungal toxins. These fungi commonly infect corn, peanuts, and pistachios. Aflatoxins can be carcinogenic to humans.

Getting this standard for pistachios is very stringent and time-consuming, which may be very unapproved and reversed, which is another reason for the low quality of the product and consequently the price increase.

Having the right packaging for pistachio supplies on the world market is one of the most important and undeniable requirements. A good packaging feature is that while protecting the product inside, it has a beautiful and enticing look to the audience. If you consider the appropriate packaging and advertising for export pistachios, the sales will certainly go higher and the exporter will gain more. On the other hand, the cost of packaging has an impact on the price of this product and ultimately increases its price.

In this post, we explain some measure of pistachio price risk and identify the factors affecting it. Please refer to the following link to order this product.

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