Where Is the Best Pistachio in The World?

Where Is the Best Pistachio in The World?

best pistachio in the world , Pistachio is a small tree originating in the Middle East and Central Asia and grows in countries such as Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan. It produces a fruit that is edible and very delicate. Pistachio is a Persian word that has entered the European languages through Latin.

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Many areas in the world and Iran have been producing pistachios from the past to the present, but which city is truly ” Where are the best pistachio in the world?”. To answer this question please notice below.

Sicily is the world’s most valuable seed and habitat, and one of Europe’s finest pistachios is harvested from the city of Bronte, Italy. In downtown Bronte, near the Etna slopes and adjacent to an active volcano, three thousand hectares of pistachio trees grow. Although pistachio accounts for only one percent of world pistachio production, it is by far the most expensive. In Italy it is commonly called “green gold”, and one kilogram of this seed with its fresh skin costs around € 15.50 ($ 17.40- £ 13.45).

This is almost twice the price of pistachios at two major producers in the world, the US and Iran. Enrico Kimballi, head of local trade at the Consorzio di Tutela Bronte, said about 230 authorized farmers have been identified during the harvest period to look after pistachio trees. Many advocates believe that the Brontë pistachio tastes better than the rest of the European pistachio and will remain green and fresh for longer. Despite the profitable nature of these trees at the time of harvest, officials and farmers are always faced with the problem of thieves invading pistachio trees. Pistachio trees are harvested every two years and harvested in Sicily in individual years such as 2019. Sicilian pistachios will be harvested in September.

Production of pistachio in the Islamic Republic of Iran in the year 2017 was equal to ۵۷۴٬۹۸۷ tons, which puts Iran in the first place. After Iran, the US came in second with ۲۷۲٬۲۹۱ tons’ production and China with ۹۵٬۲۹۴ tons’ production.

Cultivated pistachio cultivars in Iran enjoy a wide variety of varieties, but four varieties topped Akbari pistachio are among the best pistachio and Rafsanjan is the main center for commercial cultivars and their top specimens. Whose products flock to world-wide commercial channels.


Two important factors in determining the quality of pistachio are:

1- He has his own taste and aroma of Iranian pistachio and has no other example.
2- Crispness, full brains and coarseness are a prominent and customer-friendly feature.

The best way to detect good nuts is to taste it. Taste it before buying any nuts. Of course you shouldn’t be too sure of this. Because in most nuts it is a little spoiled and probably tasting great may not always be the solution. Nuts with a spicy flavor are not very salty or sour.

Because by smelling old nuts with lemon juice or other spices it prevents the customer from recognizing its age and hides its original taste. Also, the taste and staleness of the nuts are other signs of aging. Any sharp smell, moisture, and odor is a warning sign for identifying old nuts.

Laughing pistachios may be a combination of laughing pistachios and laughing water pistachios. The best way to detect a smiling pistachio is to first take a fistful and take it close to your ear and shake if its piercing brain sounds audible, meaning that the pistachio has been artificially aquatic, meaning that the pistachio type has never been smiled before. And they have artificially made her smile.

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