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What fruit is a date before it is dried?

What Fruit is a Date before it is dried ? : Dates or known by its botanical name, Phoenix Dactylifera which means date-bearing, is a fruit of date palm trees. The Iranian Name of Date Fruit is Khorma, which applies to the completely ripe Dates. There are two categories of Dates which the difference between them is the level of their ripeness. The first one is Kharak which is the name of the unripe Dates. The second category is Rotab which includes the Dates a little before their complete Ripeness.

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to find out more information about Dates and to find your answer to this question “what fruit is a date before it is dried” please read below:

  1. Kharak (Kong, Hababook) – Unripe Dates
  2. Khorma
  3. Rotab – Fully Ripe Dates, this type has more moisture. Also, its color is much darker than the Kharak ones.

Important Note: Not all Khorma types can be Rotabs.

Date palms are from flowering plant species in the palm family and they have huge leaves up to 4-6 meters long and their leaflets are about 30 cm. Their fruit (dates) is grown in single or clump form with several stems on the palm trees. The fruit is in an oval or cylindrical shape. Iranian farmers grow Dates mostly in the southern provinces such as Bushehr, Fars, Khuzestan, etc of Iran because the climate is suitable for date growing. The process of cultivating dates is as below:

First, the female palm tree blossoms and they turn to a green stiff fruit with a hard seed inside it. This part of the date fruit is what we call Chaghali. Then in the next step, they turn yellow or red which means they turn to Kharak which is the unripe Dates. The hot and humid climate turns Kharak to Rotab which is darker and moister. Farmers harvest some types of Dates when they are Rotab such as Mazafati and sell them fresh.

Some other types of dates need some more time on the palm tree to go through the ripening phases for about 20 more days. Cultivators use some of the dates as semi-dried and leave some types of dates on the palm tree so they can go through another drying process because consumers use some kind of dates completely dried such as Zahedi.

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All Type Of dates fruit

  • Mazafati Dates Fruit

    Mazafati Date (Mozafati Date, Bam Date) is a fresh date fruit with moisture level between 20-25%. The moisture level depends on the harvest time, the location of cultivation and irrigation. Farmers grow this date mostly in southern Iran provinces such…

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