What is Saffron ?

What is Saffron ? Said to be “possibly the first spice ever used by man,” saffron has been identified as a distinct popularity since the dawn of culinary traditions. Its history spans throughout the world and into our kitchens, first known to be the herb of the sun and now used in a variety of ways inside the home and out.

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What is Saffron
What is Saffron

—! What is Saffron ? !—

The name evolved from the Middle East, collaborating the words Saharan and za’faran to make saffron. These tiny ‘thread-like’ filaments are dried stigmas coming from flowering plant, the Crocus.

Even before saffron livened up cuisine, it was known for its incredible dyeing ability. For a weaver in ancient times, it brought about brilliance to rugs, togas, saris, shawls, lace, and linen, silk. For the artist, the vividness of yellow was achieved.

For medicinal purposes, it gave hope to some suffering from smallpox, kidney disease, insomnia, indigestion, and signified fear for others. Last but not least, for cooks, saffron allowed the brightness of the sun to be placed on a dining table.

One of the few spices not to have originated in India or the tropics, saffron’s discovery is one of mystery. Although recorded history started after the cultivation of saffron, it is known that crocus plants are native to the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Thus, the early Persian civilizations spread this “wealth” with surrounding areas such as the Indus Valley and the western shores of the Mediterranean.

In present day, saffron is growing in popularity in many countries throughout the world such as Iran. It is used in the most exquisite gourmet cuisine from the west to the Far East; it’s cultivated in temperate climates and delivered to a variety of different cultures.

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What is Saffron
What is Saffron

One of the most well known areas where saffron is grown is in Iran. This geographic center encompasses five provinces that have the ideal climate for saffron to thrive.

It is undoubtedly true that Iran where the summers are unbearably hot and the winters are uncontrollably frigid.

Iran is not only a great harvesting ground; moreover, the best quality saffron is produced there.


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