Dates Importing Countries

Dates Importing Countries

Dates Importing Countries : Many countries in the world cannot produce dates and must import this nutritious fruit from other countries. As Iran is one of the main exporting countries of dates, we have customers around the world. Based on the latest statistics the top five Dates Importing Countries are India, France, United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


Date Importing Countries
Latest 2019 Date Importing Countries list

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Dates are produced in hot and dry regions of the world and are marketed as a high-value sweetener worldwide. The world produces about seven million tons of dates, most of which are from Asian and African countries and a few from the US and Europe. World production of dates increased from 1.8 million tons in 1961 to 2.8 million tons in 1985, to 5.4 million tons in 2001, and to more than seven million tons in 2011. Between 1998 and 2000, an average of 500,000 tons of dates was exported annually, valued at about $ 258 million, reaching more than one million tons over $ 550 million in the last few years.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq account for more than half of the date planting areas. Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iraq account for 69 percent of the world’s total date production. This indicates that most of the world’s date production is concentrated in a few countries and a specific region. 93% of the produced dates are consumed locally and the rest is exported.

For most people in European and American countries, this particular fruit is somewhat unfamiliar to them, so these countries are a great new market for date exporters. The EU is a major importer of dates and has no production. Of course, except for Spain, which has very little production and exports it only to its neighbor countries.

Everything seen in European exports is related to the re-export of this product, i.e. they buy dates from the main exporters and re-export them in the form and packaging they like. The European market is a good market for date exporters because although it accounts for only 10% of total world imports, it is worth 30% of total export earnings.

This reflects the fact that the price of imported dates in Europe is well above the world average. Eighty percent of dates are imported in the harvest months, and the main consumers in Europe are Muslims, Africans, South Africans, and the Middle East. Traditionally, the consumption of dates in Europe and other countries has increased during Ramadan. The price of dates in Europe in 2001 was between $ 1.7 and $ 2 per kilo, while the world price was $ 0.6 per kilo.

The most important suppliers of dates to the European market are Tunisia with a 48% market share and Algeria with a 20% market share. Some European countries, including Spain and France, re-export the dates to other markets after purchasing dates. With people returning to organic food consumption, exporters can focus on advertising and selling this product in Europe. Over the past 30 years, modernization changes have occurred in the planting, harvesting, packaging, processing, and marketing of dates, which has increased production and consumption of this product. But the poor quality of groceries, poor management, lack of pest and disease control and increased labor costs have driven up the price of the product.

The studies divided the total Date Importing Countries into five groups, listed as below:

  1. The first group is the European Union, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
  2. The second group is Russia, Eastern Europe, and Turkey.
  3. The third group is Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Southeast Asia.
  4. The fourth group includes Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and Yemen.
  5. The last group is also South Asian countries India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka


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