How Many Dates Does a Date Palm Produce?

How Many Dates Does a Date Palm Produce?

This particular fruit is somewhat unfamiliar to people in European and American countries and consumed only in cakes and pastries. But Middle Easterns and residents of Arabian countries use it as a staple food. Since there is not much information about Dates, many questions arise about it, for example How Many Dates Does a Date Palm Produce?

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So, you might find it interesting to know how much an average date palm gives. To find out “how many dates does a date palm produce?”, follow this post.

Although exact figures on date production worldwide are not easily available, this is always an approximate number. According to the interpretations made by the production declarations and exports of Date-Producing countries, it can be said that around 6,908,090 tons of dates are produced annually in the world.

In the tropical regions, against every 25 palm tree seedlings, farmers plant one male palm tree. Because the male palm does not produce and its function is only to fertilize the female palm. Each male palm produces about 500-1000 g of pollen, which is enough for 20-15 female palms.

The maximum fruiting of date palms is in the eighth to the tenth year, and the production of the economic crop continues until age 40 or more. Farmers can harvest Dates depending on the cultivar at different stages of slicing, rotting, and sowing. To unripe and prevent the damages of late monsoon rains or wind and dust Spraying solution with ethephon (about 1-2 g / L) and acetic acid (2-4%) can be used two weeks after the start of the slicing phase. As a result, the fruit ripens by up to 2 weeks. Each mature date tree produces 100 to 150 kg of crop per year.

The palm tree goes everywhere. Farmers can plant this tree in all areas in two ways, either kernel or pineapple, to use greenery and shade. But only in tropical regions, it can be fruitful. The height of a palm is at least 10 meters and a maximum of 20 meters. If planted in the tropical region via the kernel, it yields crops 10 years later. If planted through saplings, it yields 5 years after planting. Incidentally, there is an average of 40 kg of dates per palm.

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