How many Pistachios per Day you should eat?

Pistachios per Day, How many should you eat? 

We all know that nuts and dried fruits have multiple benefits for your health. Among these, Pistachio is a tasty nut that grows on trees. so how many pistachios per day should you eat? Researches have found out that people have included pistachios in their diet for thousands of years now. pistachios are rich in protein, antioxidants, and fiber. to learn more about pistachio click here.

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Recent studies have shown that the health benefits come from eating about 50 gr to 85 gr of pistachios. if you don’t have a scale to weigh the pistachios 50-85 gr of pistachios are one to two handfuls of pistachios per day. There is no problem eating more pistachios per day, however since they have high calorie about 400 per 85 gr, you should keep that in mind.

Recent studies at Pennsylvania State University have found that eating a few pistachio nuts daily (which has healthy and low-fat diets) results in a significant decrease in LDL or bad blood cholesterol levels. Lowering the level of bad cholesterol means keeping the arteries open and performing a full blood supply to the heart.

“Our studies have shown that pistachios are a healthy snack to be in diet for the heart, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in humans,” quoted Dr. Penny Chris-Etherton as saying. Pistachio is rich in lutein antioxidant. Lutein is commonly found in green vegetables and light-colored fruits. Pistachio is higher in nutrients than other nuts. “Pistachio lutein prevents cholesterol from closing the arteries.” Even in one study, they increased the amount of pistachio eaten by volunteers, which tested better

To keep your body healthy and boost your sex drive, you need a popped pistachio (salt-free) dry pistachio in a cup and an equal amount of natural animal honey. Mix honey and pistachios. Then strain into the mixer and pour into the glass of diluted lobster mouthpiece, the mixture should be firm. Without a cover, put the glass in the sun for a week. The best month to make this mix is ​​summer. This elixir is ready after a week.

We recommend eating a handful of dried roasted pistachios without salt in addition to this elixir. This diet will not only increase your sex drive but also ensure your heart health. Another food suggestion is to add pistachio kernels to a salad or low-fat cottage cheese and eat with grapes (found in the grape season).

The results of an animal phase study showed that hydroalcoholic extract of pistachio gum had a positive effect on facilitating sleepiness, anxiolytic and muscle relaxant effects.


The pistachio Helps hair growth. You may try many things for hair growth, from greasy to salon use and hair growth products, but none have much effect on our hair growth. Damaged hair or blisters can be the reason why the hair won’t grow. One of the properties of pistachio is to prevent hair loss and increase the flexibility of the hair because it has many minerals and vitamins. To use of its properties, you should mix pistachio oil, almond oil, and almond oil. After that put this mixture on your hair. Finally, wash your head with a mild shampoo. Repeat this treatment three times a week to get better results.

At the end we suggest a diet with pistachio:

  • Eat pistachio as a snack, in salads, with fish or with your breakfast or sprinkle on dessert.
  • You can make pistachios simple or mixed with other ingredients in your favorite recipe.
  • Also, eat pistachios in frozen yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal, for a healthy breakfast.

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