Pistachio standards

Pistachio standards

The institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran requires that all pistachio producers must observe the fallowing standards in order to export their product:

• Without live vermin

• Without unnatural hot smell or flavor

• Of uniform size

• Maximum of other kinds and forms: 6%

•Maximum external material: 1%

• Maximum free pistachio kernels: 1%

• Maximum closed and hollow pistachios: 6%

• Maximum unripe pistachios: 8%

• Maximum verminous pistachios: 5%

• Maximum various colored: 2%

• Maximum malformed pistachios: 5%

Total aphlatoxin poison
adapt to importer country law

Note: In addition to the above conditions, processed pistachios must have the fallowing characteristics:

• Maximum salt in salted pistachios: 3%

• Maximum moisture in roasted pistachios: 2%

• Maximum burnt in roasted pistachios: 1%

Commercial packing Pistachio packs are available in 20 kg cartons or bulk in 50 kg sacks.

Small packing
Pistachio packages are available in 250g. to 2kg packs.


Understanding Pistachio Standards: Ensuring Quality and Flavor Excellence

Navigating the World of Pistachios: A Guide to Quality Standards

Embark on a journey through the world of pistachios as we unravel the importance of quality standards in ensuring the excellence of these delectable nuts. In this guide, we explore the criteria and benchmarks that define pistachio standards, empowering consumers and producers alike to make informed choices.

The Gold Standard: Defining Quality in Pistachios

1. Size Matters: Grading Pistachios for Optimal Size and Uniformity

Delve into the importance of size in pistachio standards, understanding how grading ensures optimal size and uniformity. Explore the significance of size consistency in enhancing the overall visual appeal and texture of pistachios.

2. Color Brilliance: Vibrancy as an Indicator of Freshness and Quality

Uncover the role of color in pistachio standards, where vibrancy serves as a key indicator of freshness and quality. Learn how the visual appeal of pistachios contributes to the perception of flavor and nutritional value.

Size and Uniformity: The Visual Symphony of Grading Pistachios

Experience the visual symphony of grading pistachios as we delve into the nuances of size and uniformity, understanding how these factors elevate the overall quality of these prized nuts.

Purity and Flavor: The Essence of Pistachio Standards

1. Nurturing the Nut: Ensuring Purity Through Stringent Quality Control

Explore the importance of purity in pistachio standards, where stringent quality control measures ensure that pistachios maintain their natural essence. Understand how these measures contribute to the preservation of flavor and nutritional integrity.

2. Flavor Profiles: Balancing Nutty Richness for Taste Excellence

Delve into the world of flavor profiles as we discuss how pistachio standards balance nutty richness to achieve taste excellence. Uncover the factors that influence the flavor characteristics of pistachios, from sweetness to earthiness.

Ensuring Purity: The Quality Control Measures Behind Pristine Pistachios

Discover the quality control measures that ensure the purity of pistachios, preserving their natural essence and contributing to the unmatched flavor experience.

Elevating Taste Experiences: Embracing Pistachios at Their Finest

In conclusion, embracing pistachios at their finest involves understanding and appreciating the rigorous standards that govern their quality. Whether it’s the visual appeal, size consistency, purity, or flavor excellence, each aspect plays a crucial role in elevating taste experiences. As consumers, being aware of these standards empowers us to choose pistachios that meet the highest benchmarks, ensuring a delightful and flavorful nutty indulgence


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