What Is the Most Expensive nut

What Nut Is the Most Expensive

most expensive nut : Macadamia is the most expensive nutmeg in the world, selling for about US $ 45 per kg. Known as the Australian hazelnut, macadamia is native to Hawaii and Australia and is the world’s most valuable fruit, which is used in the production of chocolate and ice cream and in the cosmetics industry.

Macadamia is not only the world’s most expensive nutrient but also the most nutritious. To more know about its properties and answer” What nut is the most expensive” please notice below.

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Macadamia fruits have high protein, iron and antioxidant properties and their oil is used for skin rejuvenation. That is why Macadamia has been named the Australian Young Elixir. Macadamia, of course, has a very low cost of cultivation because it grows in low light and its cultivation can be dry. Even harvesting macadamia is a low-cost, labor-intensive job because of seed loss in the fall season, but the late fruiting of the tree, which yields about 5 to 7kg each, plus the cost of exporting it from Australia, Macadamia It has become the most expensive dried fruit in the world.

Macadamia is a tree whose fruit is the most expensive and desirable in the world. It is native to Australia and grows well in rain forests and wetlands near streams. Full sun with a slight shade is suitable for the plant. But if commercial cultivation is not considered, it will easily tolerate shade. The plant is resistant to drought, cannot tolerate wind, extreme cold and salinity. It also does not need fertile soil. In any combination the soil grows from light to heavy but with good drainage. The economic advantage of this plant is its low maintenance cost, as it does not need irrigation (it grows dry) to be resistant to pests and diseases. Its fruits begin to ripen upon arrival and are easy to harvest.

The academy is one of the most important agricultural products in commerce in Australia, South Africa and Central America. Its commercial cultivation is widely practiced in Australia and Hawaii. It grows in California as an ornamental plant. America is Macadamia’s biggest consumer. The macadamia brain is used in a variety of chocolate cakes and ice cream. Macadamia can also be used in the cosmetics industry. Since macadamia fruit contains more than 2% unsaturated fatty acid, this nutrient can be a good daily dietary supplement to lower blood cholesterol and can be raw, roasted, salted, salted or salted. As a condiment in food.

Regardless of the commercial purposes of Macadamia cultivation, this evergreen, tall and broad tree with a long life and very fragrant, ornamental flowers can be suitable. Nuts have been a very common and popular form of nuts in the past. In recent decades, dried nuts as a high-quality food have enjoyed a certain boom in global markets. Macadamia production in the world is about 6,000 tons, which accounts for less than 4.3% of the world trade in nuts. Australia is one of the most important exporters of Macadamia, so the value of the Australian domestic and imported Macadamia product is $ 5 million.

Regardless of the business goals of Macadamia, this evergreen, tall and broad tree with a long life and very fragrant, ornamental flowers can be suitable.

Macadamia oil is superior to other vegetable oils such as olive oil, has a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acid, and its smoke point is above 2 degrees Celsius.

All parts of Macadamia fruit are used. The outer shell is made of organic mulch perfect for surrounding trees. The hard shell keeps the temperature high when burning and is often used as fuel for local furnaces.

It comes from grinding the hard shell, which is a good abrasive in the industry and more suitable for penetrating soil than sand. Macadamia is also used in the cosmetics industry as a raw material for skin massagers.

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