Fresh Date Fruit

Fresh Date Fruit

Farmers cultivate Phoenix Dactylifera or what we know as fresh date fruit, dried date fruit, or date palm for its sweet edible fruit. The edible fruit has a hardcore, thin skin and a sweet taste that hangs in a large cluster of branches and its leaves are large. The palm height reaches 1 to 2 meters or more.

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date palm tree
Date Palm Tree


In this post, we want to give you complete and comprehensive information on ” Fresh date fruit” and its characteristics.

The word date which refers to the sweet dark brown oval fruits comes from the Greek word Daktulos which means finger. The reason behind this name is the fingerlike shape of its leaves. (information is extracted from the Lexico website)

Fresh date and dried date fruits have many types all over the world. you can check the various types of dates that we supply in this link.

what do dates taste like? if you never tried one, its taste would be a mystery to you. We promise if you try one you will be a fan for life. Dates have a sweet, caramel-like taste. They are soft and healthy. they can be a perfect replacement for sugar.

People who live in deserts, eat the palm kernel and bake it or roast it and use it as coffee because it is very tasty. Arabs have long believed that dates capture and store the sun’s energy and that energy is transmitted to their bodies by eating dates. Arabs also use premature dates and believe that many of the therapeutic effects of pain, including green dates, can enhance sexual activity and energy. They even infuse the green date kernel and make an ointment that is used for genital wounds.

The date range is mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere and in the countries of Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab countries of the Persian Gulf as well as most of North Africa and the USA, and is also sporadic in the Southern Hemisphere.

The date is a very tasty fruit, with many minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, and vitamins A, B, and E. Research on dates has shown that this nutritious fruit can prevent many cancers such as colon, stomach, and so on. One of the properties of dates is laxative, provided that you soak 6 to 7 dates in 2 glasses of boiling water and warm it in the morning or evening or eat some dates and immediately place one or two glasses of hot water on. Drink it.

Another characteristic of dates is to neutralize excess stomach acid and since too much stomach acid makes it sour and aching, so whenever you have a headache you can use the Chinese formula in traditional Chinese so that 2 to 3 Dip the number of fresh and crushed dates in boiling water and then stir and boil. You can also eat dates as a fruit.

Also be sure to have your dinner at 7 pm for a more comfortable and relaxed night’s sleep, and a few dates and a glass of warm milk before bed. Its phosphorus also prevents nervousness and fatigue.

Dates are beneficial for older people and children. Try to use tea instead of sugar and palm sugar or drink more tea. Athletes, due to their high levels of activity, should use a date palm made with dates.

The date is one of the sweet fruits whose limited consumption is also permitted for diabetic patients. One of the properties of dates is to neutralize excess stomach acid.

Dates inhibit the accumulation of fat and because of their beneficial elements, they also increase the body’s defense against diseases. Also, dates are useful for patients with lipids, obesity, and respiratory distress. The consumption of dates also regulates the function of the thyroid gland. It should be noted, however, that excessive consumption of dates is not good for the liver and also raises blood pressure and causes tooth decay as well as obesity.

They make baskets and rugs from the leaves and branches of the palm tree. From the core of the bread and the fruits of dates and wine and honey.

Another miraculous effect of the palm kernel is to relieve the swelling of the eyelids. This ointment is made from the palm kernel and applied to the eye. This ointment is also the best medicine for the development of eyelashes. Eliminates sex in some people The best cure is date fruits that restore sexual desire to these people.

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