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Iran Apricot Manufacturer : In early summer apricots mature to a sweet yellow stone fruit. At first stages this fruit is green and hard but as it ripens the color turns to yellow or orange with red shades and softens. In order to prevent decay and bruising, they are picked when they are green and not completely ripe. At this stage they are offered to the market. Some are for the fresh fruit market which is seasonal and others are sold to different manufacturers. These manufacturers use apricots for drinks, canning, sweets or dried for producing delicious snacks.

The largest producers are Iran and Turkey, they have the best climate for apricot trees hence produce the best quality of apricots. Lately in Turkey, due to limitations of apricot production the prices have increased. Therefore Iran is counted as the most beneficial choice.

All in all, Iran has the most delicious apricots because of the compatible climate this country has. Beside the best quality, we offer suitable prices for dried apricots that could not found anywhere else.


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Apricot Tree

At the time when blossoms turn into fruits, apricots need a temporal cold degree. Like other stone fruit trees, apricot tree needs sun light and late spring frost will destroy the blossoms. Apricot trees are small and have bright green ovate leaves and need at least three years to give fruits.

This self-fruitful tree, grow well in areas with plenty sunshine and heat. The soil and water are other important factors for obtaining good quality fruits. Apricots can not tolerate salt, chlorides and other elements. There are several pests and fungal disease, so by applying fungicides in spring you could avoid this kind of diseases.

As a Mediterranean crop, at the end of February or early March it blooms and dry weather helps the permanence of blooms until the tree produces its fruits. In general apricot tree needs suitable climate for several month to have successful blooming period. Depending on the location, usually in June or July the fruits are ready for harvest.


Iran Apricot Manufacturer and supplier

Fruit preservation

As mentioned apricots tree bears fruit in June or July so it is a seasonal fruit and only available to buy fresh from May to September. As apricots are rich in vitamin A, E, C, carotenoids, high in antioxidants and many other vitamins and minerals, it is known as a delicious nutrition. Therefore its availability is precious, so that it can be used during the year and we can benefit from its valuable properties. In order to achieve this matter, food preservation is the key.

Besides, every country has its individual fruit flavor which is hard to find in another country because of the climate or soil and water conditions. Hence fruits or foods must be transported from one place to another place which might be a very long distance. The product may suffer from long transportation and as a result the quality will decrease. In this case once again, food preservation comes into terms.

Food preservation is the process to handle and treat a food in order to control its spoilage by stopping the attack and growth of food borne disease causing microbes. Moreover to avoid oxidation of fats and maintain the nutritional value, texture and flavor of the food.

There are many techniques for preserving fruits. The traditional method is freezing, making jams out of the fresh fruit, boiling it for a fruit compote and sun drying. In a large amount this process is done in factory by advanced machines.

It is fact that by weight, dried fruit contains up to 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit. Consequently, it is a blessing that any kind of dried fruit to be available for anyone anytime of the year.

Sulfured Apricots

Sulfurized fruits are very common these days, but this chemical word might awake some concerns in people’s mind. Many dried fruits and drinks are sulfured in order to have a longer preservation time, lighten the color and keep the dried fruit soft. Sulfur dioxide is a kind of sulfite and sulfites are inorganic salts. Sulfur dioxide is used in dried fruits such as raisins, apricots, plums, prunes etc.

You can find dried apricots in the market in both sulfured and unsulfured type. The reason manufacturers use sulfur dioxide, is that it helps apricots to remain their beautiful color and softness, also extends their shelf life. Sulfur dioxide depending on the amount is counted as safe, but like every substance some are allergic to it and should be aware to consume dried fruits without sulfur dioxide. Every country has different standards for the amount of sulfites in foods.

In conclusion, sulfur dioxide is considered to be safe except for some people who have sulfite sensitivity. Apricots which are unsulfured have a dark brown color and lesser preserving time, while sulfured apricots have bright yellow orange color and a soft texture. You can freeze or keep the unsulfured apricot in the refrigerator to lengthen their preservation time.

Apricot Manufacturing process

Drying fruit is the most efficient method that prolongs the storage time and makes the fruit to be available any time and easier to consume in everyday life. Apricots are very popular and have many applications whether in different cuisines or eating in it fresh or dried form. They are rich in minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. So due to the delicious taste, many applications and healthy facts apricots have, it is important to be always available. Since centuries drying fruits was a method for preserving. Because there were no refrigerators and as fruits spoil quickly this method helped them not only prolong the expire time but also have the seasonal fruit throughout the year.

In our factory, apricots are harvested at a commercial maturity stage before they are ripe in order to prevent bruises and other harms on their sensitive skin.  The picked apricots separated by size and color, cleaned from dirt and dust finally go through a quality check belt. Based on the type, shape, size and color apricots are divided for canning, juices or for drying purposes.

The chosen apricots are dried with different technics depending on the supplying market. Some are de-stoned and halved, some are dried as a whole and some are impregnated with sulfur dioxide. Hot air drying and traditional sun drying are two techniques used in order to dry fruits. After reaching the suitable dryness level, dried apricots are packed and reserved in best conditions.


  • Iran has the best climate for apricot cultivation
  • Delicious fleshy apricots dried, packed and kept in the most suitable conditions
  • We can provide you with the best price offers besides the best quality
  • We are flexible in drying fruit methods according to customer’s demand by using the most advanced machines
  • The apricots are picked, sorted and dried in the most sensitive way until they reach our customers
  • By weight, dried fruit contains up to 3.5 times the fiber, vitamins and minerals of fresh fruit : iranian apricot manufacturer


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