Iranian Saffron Cake

Iranian Saffron Cake

saffron cake and how to bake it: is a valuable herbal spice that is extracted from saffron flower stigmas. Saffron has many properties for skin, hair, menstruation, and body health and is one of the most expensive agricultural products in the world. This special spice has been attracting many consumers for about a thousand years. Saffron is a native plant of Greece’s vacant, non-tree land before it was cultivated in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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In addition to using saffron brew to relax and relieve pain, it can be made with various desserts such as cakes. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to make “Iranian saffron cake”. Please keep reading to teach and make a delicious and useful snack.

The Saffron flower is a laborious agricultural product which is why it is being added to the price. The plant has a three-branched stigma at its center that is separated by hand, inserted into the sieve, and reinforced by heat treatment, its aroma and taste. It is resistant to hot weather.

Saffron cake is a good snack you can have for tea or for breakfast in the mornings. The saffron cake is very tasty and tasty and it is easy to make the saffron cake. Saffron cake Because of its saffron, high-quality cake, and its calories are less than other cakes.

Ingredients for making sponge saffron cake

Eggs: Four

Vanilla: teaspoon tip

Sugar: Half a glass

Milk: One-third glass

Liquid oil: One-third of a glass

Baking powder: a teaspoon

Cardamom powder: Half a teaspoon

Flour: A glass

Full-bodied saffron: Five tablespoons

How to Make Sponge Saffron Cake for Four People?

1-Separate egg whites and egg whites.

2-Mix the four egg whites with the mixer, stirring to form and pour out of the pan, and then place in the refrigerator.

3-Mix four egg yolks in another bowl with half a cup of sugar and 1 vanilla and mix until the cream has a creamy color.

4-Now add the egg yolk, milk, and liquid oil and stir to mix thoroughly.

5-Add the saffron we already brewed to the ingredients above.

6-We sift flour with cardamom powder and baking powder three times together. Then add the egg yolk liquid and stir in a gentle slurry.

7-Add the egg whites and mix gently with a spoon until it is completely smooth.

8- Dip the bottom of the mold we made with a little bit of oil, then pour the saffron cake liquid into it.

9-Bake the oven for 180 minutes at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes, then let it simmer for about 40 minutes to cook our delicious saffron cake. Then bake a quarter in the oven to make our saffron cake a little cold, then bring it out and let cool and decorate the saffron cake as desired.

Sponge Saffron Cake Decoration:

You can decorate the saffron cake with fruit, the fruit you like to peel and crush, and any pattern you like to decorate the cake.

Jams can be used to decorate saffron cakes.

You can sprinkle pistachio powder, coconut powder, or cinnamon powder on the saffron cake.

Chocolate or cream sauce can also be used.

Highlights of sponge saffron cake preparation:

Make sure to sift the flour in advance so that the liquid of the saffron cake is not crumbly and delicate.

Sifting flour has a great effect on blowing the cake.

Instead of being greasy for simple molds, you can use greasy paper.

Using high-quality saffron has a great impact on the taste, aroma, and color of the saffron cake.

For saffron-colored long-tailed saffron, you need to sauté more saffron in less brewing water.

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