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6 Best Quality Dates in The World

Best Quality Dates in The World is listed in this article for you. The commercial and economic importance of dates as one of the most valuable fruits in the world is very high. Especially when we realize that dates are only available in certain hot and humid conditions. The quality of dates depends on different environmental conditions. Dates grow in great variety in many countries around the world. Since the variety of Date Types are incredibly vast, it is hard to distinguish the Best Quality Dates.

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Read the below article to find out all the details about “Best Quality Dates in the World” and which countries grow them.

One of the most important factors that can improve the quality and principles and as a result thrive in the Date industry worldwide is the use of premium and commercial varieties. Existing statistics show that more than 3,000 date varieties are known in the world. We have mentioned a few examples of these varieties as below:

Piarom Dates, Rabbi Dates, Sayer Dates, Kaluteh Dates, Mazaffati Dates, Shahani Dates, Zahedi Dates, Kabkab Dates, Khalas Dates, Majdool (Medjool) dates, etc.

Generally, Dates have the same nutrients, only the amount of these nutrients are slightly different. The moisture level of dates is also an important factor in determining the quality of dates.

When it comes to taste, choosing the best date will be hard. Since taste is different in each individual. For example, a type of date that seems delicious to a certain person might not be to another person.  Some people like their dates extremely sweet but others may dislike too sweet dates. So, if you are looking for the best tasting date, we suggest you try a few types and decide what tastes good to you.

Based on our professional opinion and research the 6 Best Quality Dates in the World are listed below:

  1. Piarom Date, Iran Originated, you can read more about Piarom Dates Here.
  2. Mazafati Date, Iran Originated, you can read more about Mazafati Dates Here.
  3. Medjool Date (Madjool Date), This is a large sweet date. Mostly Morocco, Jordan, and Palestine grow this type of date. The inside color is orange-yellowish.
  4. Deglet Noor, This Date is from Tunesia. Deglet Noor means “Date of the Light”. The reason behind its name is that the color of the inside of it is close to golden when you hold it up to the sun. It’s a sweet and semi-dry date.
  5. Zahedi Date, Iran Originated, you can read more about Zahedi Dates Here.
  6. Sayer Date, Iran Originated, you can read more about Sayer Dates Here.


The Top Ten Producing Countries in the World are as follows:

  1. Egypt with the production of 1,313,000 tons per year
  2. Iran with 1,042,000 tons per year
  3. Saudi Arabia with 982540 tons per year
  4. The United Arab Emirates with 755,000 tons per year
  5. Pakistan with 557520 tons per year
  6. Algeria with 526920 tons per year
  7. Iraq with 440,000 tons per year
  8. Sudan with 332,000 tons per year
  9. Oman with 255870 tons per year
  10. Libya with 175,000 tons per year

Accurately, the date-producing countries in the world can be said to be 33 countries that produce and sell dates on a large scale. This does not mean that other countries do not grow Dates. It means the amount of their production is too small and very limited areas of their country can grow dates. So, compared to the other 33 countries their production is too small to be listed in Date-Cultivating countries.

As a whole, 1,121,698 hectares of date palm land is cultivated based on the previous year’s statistics. Based on the annual production rate of dates, the average of 6,091 kg of dates per hectare can be considered.

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