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agricultural marketing : Reaching out to the palm product goes a long way toward reaching the consumer. The fertility season of the palm varies from one place to another, depending on the climate and climate.

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Heat, humidity and heat intensity make the fertility season change anywhere in the country. The action of palm inoculation also depends on the characteristics of the palm. Early palms are usually inoculated due to premature ripening between late and late palms. The time required for such operations in the palm trees is one month to five days, and, as mentioned, the beginning and the end of it depend on the weather conditions and the characteristics of the palm.

The method of fertilizing the palms

According to the definition of palm inoculation, inoculation means the fertilization of the female palm with the male ‘dawn’ which is done after the arrival of the palm (i.e., the dawn). The Tala, which is the inoculation, is the product of the male palm or ‘Falah’, which is called the type of trait, ‘Ghannami’ is the best type of tala.

Astral weight is important for recognizing its quality as it is known to have a large number of pollen in its cluster grains, but if light, it indicates the hollow grains of its clusters.

Methods of palm pollination

Pollination of palm trees is mechanized and manual, which is usually done in larger-scale palm trees. Pollination or inoculation is a more economical and mechanized method, affecting the physical and chemical properties of the palm fruit, and the volume of dates is larger. If it rains after the palm is fertilized, it must be re-inoculated, as the farmer’s effort has been thwarted by the first rain.

Stages of Date Fruit Growth

Palm tree growth involves several stages that begin with the embryo stage. This is the time when the blooms are inside the cord (the chamber where the primary palm fruit is placed). When the blooms grow a little and the inoculum is ready, Tareh cleaves and the blooms are born.

The second stage is called ‘tala’. When the blooms become visible after the tear is cleaved, it is called the tale. Inoculation takes place at this stage.

The third stage is called halal. The fruit that is not too large and green in color at this stage is more circular.

The fourth stage is called Belh. At this point, the fruit has grown in weight and volume, almost to its original form, but still green in color.

The fifth stage is called Kharg. At this point, the fruit is colored and becomes yellow and red. At this point, the fruit is edible and has a large fan base.

The sixth stage is a process where the fruit is ripe and soft and sweet and juicy, called “rhubarb”. Half of this fruit is Kharg and half is dates.

The last step is to reach the date. At this point, the fruit loses its water content and is added to its pastry and ready for storage and will not spoil if stored.

Economic characteristics of agricultural products

Understanding the specific characteristics and nature of agricultural products from the point of view of production, transportation, maintenance and conversion of other operations from production to final consumption helps to establish a proper production system. On the other hand, their supply and demand and price elasticity affect the type of competition that prevails in the market for trade and other economic characteristics of agricultural products through its distribution and marketing system.

According to this article, the growth stages of dates are very difficult and time-consuming and farmers make a lot of effort to reach the dates. Click here to order this nutritious and hardy fruit.

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