Benefits of Dates with Milk at Night

Benefits of Dates with Milk at Night

According to nutritionists, honey or Dates with Milk can be used to eliminate the cold temper of milk.

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Eating one or two glasses of milk with one or two dates a day can help you have a balanced diet. It is important to note that excessive consumption of any nutrient, even milk, can be harmful. You need to get fewer calories from foods to lose weight. milk provides your body’s calcium and date provides containing iron – potassium – magnesium (needed for voluntary muscle action) – sulfur – copper – calcium and phosphorus (needed to build muscle and nerve tissue).

Low-fat milk and dates both have relatively low glycemic index indices. They do not increase blood sugar. Therefore, if you consume dates with low-fat milk, it is beneficial for people due to their proper composition. Milk or honey intake does not affect reducing calcium absorption of milk.

Consumption of milk generally before bedtime, in addition to preventing bloating, increases relaxation and absorbs more calcium. Before bedtime milk consumption is very good. Of course, children should have breakfast as it helps their brain development.

It is best to take about half an hour between milk intake and bedtime so that you can have a more comfortable sleep. Usually, main meals such as lunch and dinner contain various nutrients such as iron and zinc. Since there is the talk of interfering with the absorption of functional elements in the body and milk is also a good source of calcium, it is best to take about an hour and a half between eating dinner and drinking milk before bedtime to interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc. And calcium does not occur and you can get enough of all these micronutrients.

Among the properties of eating milk with dates are the following.

  1. Reinforces and refreshes the skin.
  2. Thickens and strengthens hair texture.
  3. It helps prevent anemia and better blood circulation.
  4. Improve eyesight and eye health
  5. Prevents dementia and memory loss
  6. It stimulates the nervous system

Keep in mind that drinking milk during the day should not be forgotten drinking water. Each glass of milk has 110 calories and each palm has 25 calories.

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