Best Time to Eat Dates

Best Time to Eat Dates

Nutrition experts believe that fruits should be eaten when the stomach is empty. So don’t eat fruit after eating other forms of food. If you eat fruits after eating, they will have an important role in poisoning your body. In this case, your body will have a lot of energy, which instead of being useful; losing weight and strength for other activities of life. Dates are also among the fruits that are important when eating so in a nutshell best time to eat dates is when your stomach is empty.

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Scientists have tested thousands of volunteers to find that women who consume dates daily, instead of sugar and sugar with their tea and drinks, are less likely to develop anemia and “skin pale skin”. They will have a healthy and resistant body to “bacteria” and “viruses”.

Consuming dates with an empty stomach increases the amount of sugar absorbed in the dates. The best time to eat dates is in the mornings before breakfast. Studies have shown that calcium and vitamins in dates make the skin rejuvenated and prevent anemia, especially in girls, and make the hair thicker.

Dates are lax. Because dates can help improve bowel movement, you will be able to get rid of constipation by taking dates regularly.

The fiber in the dates will make you feel full longer. This fruit reduces your appetite and prevents hunger and “blood sugar” during the day that you can control your body weight. so it is advisable to eat dates in the morning after waking up with an empty stomach to absorb all the nutrients in it.


Date sugar and generally any sugar content when it comes to boiling water or hot tea absorbs all the sweetness of these substances and does not absorb the energy in them. So doctors recommend not eating dates with hot tea and drinks and eating dried fruits instead. Another solution to using dates with tea is that you can use dates instead of sugar with dates provided the tea temperature is low.

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