Dates Fruit Tree

Dates Fruit Tree

Dates are one of the foods most known to Asian people. People in Europe and America, use this high-quality fruit only in cakes and pastries. However, people use it as a staple in the Middle East, especially in Arab countries. Dates are in the category of fruits, and among all, they are the most neglected in terms of energy. Dates Fruit Tree is also called Date palm trees.

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Dates have been in the human diet since ancient times and are one of the oldest fruits humans cultivated. Dates grow in tropical and subtropical regions, including Iran. Although originated in Mesopotamia, Saudi Arabia, and North Africa, scientific studies have named it in the scientific way P.H. Sivestris that grows in India. Archaeologists have attributed the construction of palm trees to 5,000 years ago because of its name on clay tablets of the 5th century.

The fruit of the palm tree is oval on the clusters in the crown. The ripe fruit is light brown to dark and consists of three parts and all parts are edible. The first part is the thin outer shell of the fruit. The second part is the fleshy part of the fruit which is soft and sweet and the third part is gray to brown. In some parts of Iran’s palm trees, gardeners crush the kernel and use its flour to feed.

The date of the palm tree is about one hundred years, but in favorable conditions, it can reach two hundred years. But in general, farmers cut palm trees before the age of one hundred because at a very high age the amount of fruit is so low that maintenance of these very old palms is of little use.

To form palm fruit, the male pollen must reach female flowers and the wind will help to achieve that. To accomplish this task more fully and to obtain a better and better product, palm-growers have been doing artificial pollination since ancient times. The most common method of artificial pollination is to cut the newly opened male flower clusters and place two to three strands of them among the female palm flowers and wrap them around with a piece of cloth. Until they fell to the ground.

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    Mazafati Date (Mozafati Date, Bam Date) is a fresh date fruit with moisture level between 20-25%. The moisture level depends on the harvest time, the location of cultivation and irrigation. Farmers grow this date mostly in southern Iran provinces such…

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